Limited companies – small to medium sized

There are many different kinds of limited company and there are many definitions of what comprises “small to medium” sized. Companies can range from the “one man band” with only one director, to multiple directors along with many managers and staff. They can also range from companies limited by guarantee to public limited companies (PLCs).

Unlike the sole trader, a limited company is a legal entity in its own right so all the liabilities are the responsibility of the company – not the directors or shareholders.

We are happy to help any kind of limited company up to a maximum annual turnover of 5 million pounds.

You may be a new business start-up in need of help and advice. We can guide you through the process. Or, you may be well established but looking to expand. Again, we can help you to do this in a safe way that is also cost effective.

How we can help you

Add Value Accountants can help you in the following ways:

  • Discuss your choices with you and advise accordingly.
  • Register you with Companies House and HMRC as appropriate.
  • Accurate and timely book keeping.
  • Full payroll service including annual submission.
  • VAT computation and online submission.
  • Preparation of year end accounts.
  • Online submission of accounts and corporation tax computation.
  • Online submission of annual return to Companies House.
  • Quarterly or monthly management accounts if desired.
  • Advise on profit improvement opportunities.
  • Good tax advice to reduce your tax bill.
  • Complete your self assessment tax return.
  • Calculate your tax liability and NI contributions.
  • File your tax return online.
  • Discuss with you the amount of tax and NI to be paid and when it is due.
  • Loan finance for expansion.
  • Debt recovery.
  • Cash flow optimisation and cash flow projections.