Becoming a new client

It couldn’t be easier to become one of our new clients. You just follow our 3 step process:

  1. You call us on 01435 873906 to book your free initial consultation.
  2. Following the meeting we send you a written proposal including our fixed fee price. The fixed price is valid for up to 3 months, so you have plenty of time to think about it.
  3. You accept the proposal and we take it from there.

Transferring to us from your current accountant

If you feel uncomfortable about telling your current accountants that you’ve decided to switch to us, don’t worry we can do that for you. Just tell us who they are and we’ll write on your behalf, instructing them to forward to us any accounting and tax records of yours that they hold.

All accountants are obliged by their professional bodies to follow this process and to refund you for any work not yet done that you may have paid for in advance.